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Oh, hey early-2000's Newgrounds. Missed ya, man.

Tom, your shit gets stranger by the day. Well done.

RetroSleep responds:

Thanks! Always proud to get a well done from the mighty Cycon.

I just wanna know what it takes to get invited to that coffee shop. Joey never mentioned it, so what? Is it like, a little club you two have?

I like coffee. CYCON LIKES COFFEE.

Seriously, though, this was awesome. Long live the King. B.

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I liked the execution. Very pro, and much like Castle Crashers, which obviously has its roots in some other games as well. I liked the gameplay, very smooth and looked great. Wasn't a fan of the controls layout, only because on a keyboard I'm used to WASD to move. I didn't look for options, though, so no harm there. The fact that you have a soundtrack is awesome, not enough games put that effort in. Overall, very fine product.

Loss of 1 star:
Some of the fonts and menus seemed cheap in comparison to the great artwork. Rushed? Either way, they aren't too distracting but a little goes a long way! My motto is "Design so people don't notice". Also, I wasn't overly fond of the theme (was I fighting squids?) and aside from a new plot and characters, this didn't refresh the genre at all. Not a big deal though, still a fabulous game and executed AMAZINGLY. Bravo to you and the entire team. Lastly: I'm a casual flash gamer, so grabbing me in the some way was a challenge to begin with. I made it through the first bit before I lost interest, so you did a good job, but widening that audience would increase replays and potentially grab up more fans.

Overall, well done, hope I wasn't too harsh! Just one man's humble opinions, thought I'd share cause you guys deserve the recognition. Well done.

I'm not really an animator, I just started animating to troll someone on a forum and got kinda carried away.

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