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Chicken Chaser Chicken Chaser

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I liked the execution. Very pro, and much like Castle Crashers, which obviously has its roots in some other games as well. I liked the gameplay, very smooth and looked great. Wasn't a fan of the controls layout, only because on a keyboard I'm used to WASD to move. I didn't look for options, though, so no harm there. The fact that you have a soundtrack is awesome, not enough games put that effort in. Overall, very fine product.

Loss of 1 star:
Some of the fonts and menus seemed cheap in comparison to the great artwork. Rushed? Either way, they aren't too distracting but a little goes a long way! My motto is "Design so people don't notice". Also, I wasn't overly fond of the theme (was I fighting squids?) and aside from a new plot and characters, this didn't refresh the genre at all. Not a big deal though, still a fabulous game and executed AMAZINGLY. Bravo to you and the entire team. Lastly: I'm a casual flash gamer, so grabbing me in the some way was a challenge to begin with. I made it through the first bit before I lost interest, so you did a good job, but widening that audience would increase replays and potentially grab up more fans.

Overall, well done, hope I wasn't too harsh! Just one man's humble opinions, thought I'd share cause you guys deserve the recognition. Well done.

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OSVEclipse Director's Cut OSVEclipse Director's Cut

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A visual masterpiece but lacks originality.

This was pretty cool. The game is fun for a little while, but having to start over every time gets monotonous. Also, this type of game has been seen hundreds of times over. What saves this game is it's wonderful sound effects and beautiful artwork. Without these elements, i doubt this game would have been much different from any other side scrolling, shoot 'em up game.

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