Entry #19

The WDCK Podcast is reviewing your crappy cartoons.

2014-08-13 10:34:14 by Cycon



There's a good chance we won't keep at it the way we have been, but our podcast has attempted to do "reviews" of weekly NG posts (cartoons). The problem we're running into is the format. I'd like to be a little less of an "ass", but there's a level of entertainment that needs to be acheived. It's difficult to have a serious review on a comedy show, especially when it's mostly visual.

That being said, I'd love some input. I'd love some guests or something, maybe an interview. Really, I'm not sure what to do with the NG stuff, but I'd like to keep the podcast going and have a segment dedicated to either promotion or comedy or something. Realistically, I'd prefer it to be funny.... but we're still working on that one on this end (EH HYUCK.)

Anyway, each show is done completely in farce. We've been doing "mean" reviews, but I don't really like them. No one wants to get picked on for working hard, so I think we're gonna change it, but I'd love some suggestions on what I could do to get some artists involved and how I can better showcase ANYTHING on the show.

I appreciate anyone who listens, subscribes to it, leaves a review or a comment (shitty or not, haha). I'm trying to bring my focus back to this website a little bit (aside from animating, I don't always have as much time to do that). Thanks for the feedback, enjoy the shows, get at me if you think you deserve some attention or something. I guess?



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2015-10-22 15:01:09

You should review all my Dot of excelence m,ovies :3

Cycon responds:

I should do anything...