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There's a good chance we won't keep at it the way we have been, but our podcast has attempted to do "reviews" of weekly NG posts (cartoons). The problem we're running into is the format. I'd like to be a little less of an "ass", but there's a level of entertainment that needs to be acheived. It's difficult to have a serious review on a comedy show, especially when it's mostly visual.

That being said, I'd love some input. I'd love some guests or something, maybe an interview. Really, I'm not sure what to do with the NG stuff, but I'd like to keep the podcast going and have a segment dedicated to either promotion or comedy or something. Realistically, I'd prefer it to be funny.... but we're still working on that one on this end (EH HYUCK.)

Anyway, each show is done completely in farce. We've been doing "mean" reviews, but I don't really like them. No one wants to get picked on for working hard, so I think we're gonna change it, but I'd love some suggestions on what I could do to get some artists involved and how I can better showcase ANYTHING on the show.

I appreciate anyone who listens, subscribes to it, leaves a review or a comment (shitty or not, haha). I'm trying to bring my focus back to this website a little bit (aside from animating, I don't always have as much time to do that). Thanks for the feedback, enjoy the shows, get at me if you think you deserve some attention or something. I guess?

Podunkton Updates

2014-01-22 13:09:16 by Cycon

Hey guys! I'm still doing things. You're gonna wanna hop over to YouTube and subscribe, maybe hit up our facebook, follow me on twitter. Does anyone even use NG anymore? If so, I'll keep posting these updates here. If not, THAT SUCKS. Anyway, stay tuned, I plan on making cartoons, not being a fat turd on camera, but this is a necessary evil of the modern online media craze. Enjoy me being drumb. See you in Podun.. ahh you know....

Christmas Time, Presents Time, Many Good Stuff Time!

2013-12-20 17:50:21 by Cycon

Animate something already, you fucking RELIC.


I wonder what a Little Shop of Rocky Horror Christmas would be like.... amazing, no doubt.

Oh, hey loyal subjects! The cartoon I've been working on is nearly complete, but it's been a long, hard road. I think we're gonna make November after all! Huzzah! (Christmas in November?!) I've also completed some more PODUNKTON CITIZENSHIPS to be released with the new episode. Dustyn Powers, Deborah Woods, and Hillary Bergeron will all get their CERTIFICATE of PODUNKTICITY as well as be seen in the new episode, "The First Day of November", which should be out before next year. If not, there's always next November! In the meanwhile, I'm gonna post the old Christmas toons up on the YouTube because I'm a lazy, fat, man-whore who is hoping to spread some holiday cheer, even though I couldn't put out anything Christmas related this year.  It's been a fun year getting back into all this and everyone has been awesome. Thank you all SO much for the support. You're a buncha saps! Alright, well stay tuned and get ready for the unprecedented: Jordan finishes an animation after nearly 8 years. Hopefully I can get Kory Lee Pratt to come voice the next one, or this will be the a lot of typing for nothing! Haha. Don't forget to share and subscribe to facebook and youtube and all that if you're jolly and nice! Otherwise, go suck a piece of coal, you elf-humpin' grandpa!! Ho-fuckin' Hooooooo!!


Trying to keep up!

2013-07-22 18:20:13 by Cycon

Well, I don't usually post on here, but I'm doing what I can to try to stay in the loop. Just in case someone wondered. That being said, allow me to proceed....

Captain's Log: Something something something....
We proceed with production as planned. Some of the men are getting anxious, wondering what it all means.. I, too, have become frail with anticipation. Background and character art continue for what seems like days. Weeks. Voice and sound work complete, but there's still the matter of interacting. The men need a break.

We will attempt to make contact with outsiders this Wednesday. The info for this event can be found in the data files of our facebook page. We anticipate little to no activity.

Efforts shall continue.

Cycon, out.

Trying to keep up!

Every Poop is a Song....

2013-06-04 20:56:24 by Cycon

...and this song is poop.

One of the shittiest songs I've written. LITERALLY! Find out more about deep deuce antics over at our facebook. Or don't. Just sit here on NG and BE SOMEBODY THEN. FINE. I'll go write my shit songs ALONE. ...crycrycryrcyrycyrh ksfs

Another Short Animation...

2013-05-04 10:27:45 by Cycon

TWO THINGS?!?! I made two things. Like, back to back, month to month. WHAT THE... Someone is animating again... STAY TUNED FOR MORE FAIL!

There it is. See ya soon.


Empty Promises Fulfilled?

2013-04-12 04:24:26 by Cycon

NOTICE: Just posted the first promo! It's kind of a test animation, but a sneak peek at what's in store! CHECK IT!!!


Hey, kids! Is it November?

I'm gonna cut to the chase; we've said a bunch of stuff in the past about making new content and then never got around to it. There's plenty of reasons and excuses, but ultimately that's in the past and we're ACTUALLY doing some stuff now. If anyone is interested in checking it out, following along, or whatever, be on the lookout.

I would love it if everyone would like the facebook page and keep an eye out for posts. I've already posted a bunch of art stuff for Welcome to Podunkton and we're planning on releasing a few short animations over the next month just to shake the rust off.


Thanks everyone, here's to the next round of whatever the hell happens. Fuckin' fuck fuck!


Empty Promises Fulfilled?


2011-01-12 18:33:46 by Cycon

How's everyone doing? I'm feeling... creative...

The Latest Info and Updates

2008-11-15 23:43:47 by Cycon

Hey everyone here on NG. Cycon here.

Just thought I'd pop in and let you know what's going on and what to expect with Podunkton and other stuff we're doing.

First off, we just released some interactive item stuff for character customizing on the site. The newer stuff is getting more interesting, but there's still a lot of potential, and a lot of little fixes we're working on, but so far I'm glad to see that there's a few people stopping in and hanging around. I think eventually we'll have some major renovations that should entice some more interaction. That should be coming in a month or two.

In the meanwhile, I'll be working on our first toon since like, last year or something. I can't even remember the last time I sat through the painful process of animating, haha. Its so lonely... ask Legendary Frog, we had that conversation just the other day. LOL.

Anyway, among other things, we've got a new site mini game that should hopefully come about the same time I get this frickin' cartoon done, which will hopefully be by the end of November, into December perhaps.

Alright, looking forward to the interaction with you all, hope to meet a few more of you artists. I had the pleasure of meeting one of the Audio Artists for CASTLE CRASHERS, who has now featured some of his own content on Podunkton's Audio portal. I'm more than interested in featuring other things from other artists for promotions sake, as well as maybe doing some SERIES ITEMS, to promote. Well, anyway, if anyone is interested in teaming up for self-betterment, I'm up for chit-chat.

Bored. Back to work. Gotta finish this other animation before Kirbopher kills me. I'm working, Kirb, I swear! GAH!!!


Remember, remember....

2008-11-05 11:49:23 by Cycon

Remember, Remember....

..the fifth of November! That's truth, today, the day after a CRAZY election, is another very important day. The Guy Fawkes day celebration is going on over at, and you can get some gear to go along with it.

In other news, we've got some new features coming in this week, so if you haven't been to our new website yet, get over there, cause you're missing out! We'll also have some new content coming up, probably next week, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

The other big one I'd like to mention is our art contest. We've got one of the composers, Selcuk B, from the new game by Behemoth and Newgrounds, CASTLE CRASHERS, doing some promotion on our site, and he's agreed to put up some of his music... some of which hasn't been heard anywhere else! Get over to Podunkton and check out Symphony of Specters, EXCLUSIVE at, and download some freebies. Many of them sound like they're straight outta Castle Crashers, and ALL of them sound EPIC. Go check it out in the Audio Section!

Stay tuned for more updates, we're chugging right along!